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Over the last five years, our company has collaborated with the banking world to approve loans to the value of over 300 million euro.

Last year our company has managed over 18,500 loans, making a profit despite the negative trend of capital market.
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Client contacts provided by both the banking world and consumer credit companies now represent 65% of our entire turnover and this figure is destined to increase in the future.


These loans are available for both public and private company employees, as well as pensioners. They allow the creation of an enhanced and profitable clientele portfolio, thanks to efficient file clearing.


  • available to all employees (Italian or non) and pensioners;
  • may be granted even to clients with financial problems (difficulty accessing credit);
  • affordable instalments thanks to long-term loans (up to 120 months);
  • choice of early redemption at any time;
  • possibility of renegotiation of other existing loans;
  • single signature;
  • insurance policy cover (life and work insurance);
  • no notification given to Risk Centres.


Concerning customer satisfaction, Pitagora tests camed out during 2011 showed a good degree

Customer Satisfaction

A new market. A new product that allows banks to keep their client relationships on a firm footing whilst supplying financial assistance suitable to their clients' needs.
Pitagora CQS The BusinessToPartner model evolved from the need to supply Salary Transfer Loans directly at our partners' points of sale.

Pitagora's goals

  • To satisfy clients’ credit needs with the help of a consultancy service in our Partners’ headquarters or branches;
  • To manage the entire loan procedure, from preliminary credit checks to clearance, without creating extra work for the Partner;
  • To enhance the Partner’s image by nurturing client relationships.

Benefits for the Partner:

  • Client needs are satisfied;
  • A simple procedure is adopted, without over-burdening the commercial network operations;
  • Credit check status can be consulted in real time, thanks to the web portal;
  • Experts are on hand to protect clients’ interests and the Partner’s image;
  • Product portfolios are increased;
  • Commercial advantages are created (such as cross-selling and loyalty, liquidity loans, loan consolidation, debt collection and new client acquisition).

Operational procedure
Operational Procedure

41 Banks

3000 operational branches

5 consumer credit companies

Our Partners

Pitagora handles all management aspects of the loan: contacts, consultancy (in the client’s branch of choice), credit check, loan approval, settlement (at the client’s branch of choice) and after-sale service.

Pitagora manages administration, statistical analysis and customer satisfaction.